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Eyewitness Integrated Security Solutions is an indigenous company based in Lagos, Nigeria, with world-class knowledge and internationally trained personnel in the area of security, and home automation design, deployment, optimization, and support. Originally a CCTV and security installation company, we innovated into a complete integrated security systems solution provider and a special focus on Automation and Control.
Web Design


Our team was invited to advise on how Eyewitness Integrated Security Solutions website can be better for prospective clients.

On a first look, we noticed the website has lots of irrelevant content, we could not also ascertain the services of the company even after checking all the pages…That obviously has a negative impact on customer conversion especially when the customer can’t even understand the services offered by the company.

In order to solve this problem, Nextlayers came up with a functional website spelling out the services of the company from the home page, we also make sure the website cut across all platforms be it tab or mobile. Use the link below to check the website.


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