The Mantle Magazine: 2017 Edition


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The Mantle is a publication of The Pastors’ Seeds Family of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. The Mantle publishes items and articles that are deemed fit to edify the body of Christ and as well address social issues and concerns of Christian youths and seeds across the world. The Mantle is a compilation of contents on Language, Career, Sport, Art, Law, Style, Reading Culture, Spiritual Growth, and many more. It was prepared with you in mind, do enjoy it !!!
Graphic Design. Print Production

One of the things we don’t struggle with is a magazine layout, we understand grid system, readable font for print media, and appropriate images for every title.

The Mantle Magazine was designed to appeal to young Christians, the magazine is colorful, has lots of flairs from start to finish you’ll just love flipping through the pages. The print production was seamless, it was printed on a 115grms art paper with 135grms on ever, the gloss laminated finish just makes it perfect. Get in touch now, let us help you design and print your magazine too.

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